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Dazed Mix Lyzza
Illustration Louise Grosjean

Listen to LYZZA’s maximalist, ‘pre-party’ Dazed mix

The Brazilian-born, Amsterdam-based artist shares ‘the perfect mix to guide you and your friends into a night together’

One of the first times I saw LYZZA play a DJ set, the venue’s security told the crowd off for dancing too hard. For those who have been blessed enough to witness the Brazilian-born artist’s prolific selection on the decks, this anecdote won’t sound too surprising. The DJ and producer is a regular in the experimental underground, whose genre-shredding sets are strictly club-focused, and you can’t help but get taken over by the vibes. 

Now based in Amsterdam, LYZZA is currently prepping for the release of her new EP, SUBSTATE, out next month – and a single “Blackball” out in the coming weeks (“You know I like to tease”). Channelling the dancefloor with maximalist production spanning everything from baile funk to Baltimore club to UK drill, the four-track EP follows on from the avant-pop experimentalism of 2022’s MOSQUITO and her expansive score and sound design for Third World: The Bottom Dimension, a collaboration with the artist Gabriel Massan at London’s Serpentine Gallery. Her latest release is a raucous call to arms reflecting on themes of immigration and racial profiling within both creative and public spheres. “This EP is a re-collection of moments where I felt affected and frustrated by social rules and laws that are made to reinforce systems of inequality,” she expands. “It relates to being in a constant state of subversion; wanting to find new ways of living as the usual structures are just not working for anyone anymore.”

Ahead of the upcoming single, LYZZA has shared an exclusive Dazed mix, which she describes as “the perfect mix to guide you and your friends into a night together” – listen below.

Congrats on SUBSTATE! What’s the idea behind the name? What are some of the main inspirations?

LYZZA: I’ve been thinking about third place solutions. It relates to being in a constant state of subversion, wanting to find new ways of living as the usual structures are just not working for anyone anymore. You see more and more people speaking up about this but somehow having to accept this ‘is just how things are’. I don’t feel like taking those structures seriously anymore.

What would you say are some of your most formative musical experiences?

LYZZA: Being in the touring circuit and meeting so many amazing people over the years. When I moved to London in 2017 I was around a bunch of really cool musicians that are now successful in their own fields. We used to have parties in squats and do performances. There are so many flyers where really iconic people were just all partying together and it felt really serendipitous – but looking back, it was very meaningful. I’m really happy to have been lucky enough to have seen the ‘underground’ when energy, passion and community was so central. Now all these people are working with Beyoncé, Rihanna, big fashion houses, and have millions of streams on Spotify. Being able to see everyone grow into themselves over the years has just been so formative and inspiring – seeing others around me thrive makes me realise that everything is possible.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

LYZZA: When people say that ‘You need to be able to be shitty to be successful’ or that you ‘can’t care about certain things if you want to advance your career’ or ‘turn a blind eye’ or something. I think that’s an old way of thinking that doesn’t need to be true at all; I think that stems from some kind of scarcity mindset. Being Brazilian, openness and community have always been a part of my conditioning. I believe there’s so much beauty and kindness to be shared and you can thrive in that too. I truly we believe we can all change the world by being honest, fair and garnering connections, especially through sound. 

And the best advice?

LYZZA: To be myself and just sustain efforts in one direction over time. SOPHIE introduced me to A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle before she passed and that book has helped me so much with looking at life and realising that you need to you and be here. Also to dare to try, to be passionate. Don’t be scared of being seen, either by others or by yourself. Let light be shined upon your shadows, people are so beautiful when they don’t hide.

What are you listening to at the moment?

LYZZA: My own music

Tell us about your Dazed mix.

LYZZA: I wanted to make the perfect mix to guide you and your friends into a night together. From the moment you arrive at the pre-party to get ready until you have to leave the house – a mix you know you can put on when you and your friends are getting ready to step into your real-life avatars and play dress up to going out.

How were you feeling when making it?

LYZZA: I was feeling super happy! I’ve been listening to Dazed mixes for a while so was channelling a hopeful energy that the mix could live up to my own standards.

‘Too Slow’ is out April 25


1. La Factoria – “Intro”
2. DJ Marsello – “MTG I Need U”
3. Ragz Originale & John Glacier – “Night Cap (Neana Club Mix)”
4. María Y José – “Mala Hierba”
5. Dj Deekie West – “Stay With Me”
6. Brenda – “Richtasis Girl: Nick Leon x DJ Babatr”
7. La Factoria – “No Voy a Llorar”
8. Arcánge l – “Pa que la pases bien”
9. LAZA – “Nao Chora (RMX)”
10. TA7O & Sigfrida – “Um Bota O Outro Tira”
11. Elysia Crampton – “Tie Me E DJ Edit”
12. Keri Hilson – “I Like (Josh & Grubert Radio Mix)”
13. Optico – “Lol y Pop” 
14. Mary D – “MTG Calabria Sinfónica”
15. Conejx – “Escalarta”
16. Sewa – “Ritual Del Aceite”
17. Kush Jones – “Gucci Bass”
18. Magic Fades – “Industry (DJ NJ Drone Edit)”
19. Azealia Banks – “Bambi (Explicit Exclusive Mugler FW12)”
20. FELIX – “Dun Dah Rah”
21. LYZZA – “Too Slow” 

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