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This is what young British people are actually wearing right now

Earlier this month, we posted a call-out to see what young people in the UK are wearing. Here’s what you had to say...

For years, our Kingdom has not been very United. Most of us feel Brit-ish at best, disillusioned by a lack of shared identity. We’re split on everything from Brexit to the IndyRef, from the North-South divide to the Lab-Con divide, from the Royals to climate action, from lockdowns to low emission zones, and more serious stuff too, like which layer of a Fab tastes the best.

But what about when it comes to fashion? To find out what young people in the UK are actually wearing, we asking Dazed readers to send us their thoughts on their own personal style alongside a photo of the outfit they’re most attached to. Where do they shop? Who are they looking up to? Which designers are they thrifting?

Here’s what’s interesting: our census proves that there’s no real consensus when it comes to clothing in Britain, which is a good thing. Since Cool Britannia sunk, the UK’s fashion identity has become increasingly disparate – corecore, micro-trends, and increasingly rapid fashion cycles mean lots of different things float lots of different boats. 

There are, of course, some qualitative trends in this data. Vivienne Westwood continues to cut through every generation, namechecked by dozens of you. Secondhand shopping is now the norm, but we’re also bagging bargains at car boot sales for cheaper finds. Harajuku is having a moment – we see you, FRUiTS comeback! – boosted by an interest in vintage Comme Des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto. The 90s and 00s are still very much a thing. Lana is stanned. Leather jackets are essential. Pinterest is accruing interest.

Really though, there’s a little bit of everything. Instant access to every single fashion show ever and endless pools of content on TikTok means that there are endless sources and resources when it comes to fashion inspiration. Our own wardrobes are a microcosm of this; while many of the cool kids below have distinctive styles, a lot of them are happy to chaotically clash and fluctuate between different moods, picking from a choose-your-character roster every single day.

We’re not so much a United Kingdom, more of an Untied Kingdom, tethered to no specific subculture, bound by no boundaries, dressing with no restrictions, free from cultural norms. Below, we take the temperature on what British style means today.


“I look for style inspiration everywhere to be honest: movies, magazines, in real life. My ultimate style icons are ‘90s Kate Moss and Bella Hadid. I buy my clothes from Depop, Dollskill, designer vintage shops, markets and small independent brands. My favourite item in my wardrobe is probably my Christian Audigier hoodie, it’s so rare and beautiful! I’d love to see one of my best friends on the cover of Dazed, wearing an outfit I’d fully styled: bootleg and vintage designer.”


“I like to play with and intersect traditional masculine and feminine silhouettes and ideas - for example wearing a shirt and tie with a skirt, or layering pearls and ribbons along with football jerseys and sports shorts. I study a lot of fashion editorials and runway shows in my free time and use TikTok and Instagram for the breadth of inspiration. I absolutely love anything by Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen, but only from the 1990s! Probably 80 per cent of my wardrobe is secondhand; my favourite piece is a tartan kilt I got for £10 in a charity shop. I took safety pins to drape it for that 90s Westwood aesthetic.”


“Everything I wear is a form of performance art, I try to tell a story or play a different character with every different outfit. I’m a young mum in a small town: I love to defy what people expect me to look like. My favourite video games and drag queens inspire me and I’m a big history nerd so I love a cheeky historical reference in my fits. My ultimate style icons have to be Julia Fox, Chloë Sevigny, Lady Miss Kier, some old Cher, Rico Nasty and almost any of the starlets from Hollywood's Golden age. My ideal Dazed cover star? Other than myself, someone like Clara Perlmutter (@tinyjewishgirl) – she just gets it!”


“I would say my style is a mix of minimal and grunge. I like appealing to this feeling of sleaziness, someone you would see in After Hours by Martin Scorsese, but I also like being minimal as it doesn't take me too long to find something to wear. My ultimate style icon would be Brad Pitt in the 90; his minimal style with the occasional nice piece is perfect. My favourite item is a simple black vest from Weekday: I am an avid vest-wearer. I would love to see Daniel Day-Lewis on the cover of Dazed, he always pulls off something in a very interesting way.”


“My style? Pisces rock chick hippy via a boot sale. I get inspiration from TikTok, Pinterest, old films and TV series, vintage festival fashion and my mum’s wardrobe. My ultimate style icon is Kate Moss and Brigitte Bardot mashed together. I buy all my clothes secondhand, whether it’s boot sales, Vinted, charity shops or eBay bidding war; if I was to buy something new it would probably be from Rat & Boa. My best find? An Isabel Marant Lima dress I got at a boot sale for £1.”


“I would sum up my style in two parts: I can be very flamboyant and playful with my style, immersing patterns and colours, but on the other side, I can dress in very Berlin industrial rave fashion with my love of faux leather. I look for inspiration in the creatives I meet and places I have lived in, and as a fashion photographer, I get exposed to a diverse range of styles that influences and inspires my fashion choices. My ultimate style icon is David Bowie.”


“My style in a few words: balanced, delicate, sexy and fun, taking inspiration from 60s/70s/80s Black women. I don’t have one singular style icon, but Rihanna is someone I look at in terms of how she wears her clothes – I love the confidence she has, it’s inspiring. My favourite item of clothing is my maroon cape, it makes me feel like a million £! I’d love to see Erykah Badu or Lauryn Hill on Dazed: Erykah styled in her usual gear and Lauryn Hill in something new.”


“My style is dadcore, golfcore, Y2K British chav with a splash of modern streetwear. I’m inspired by the 90s, wavey garms and skateboarders, plus my grandad has given me a lot of inspiration as well for posher wear. I buy my clothes from Depop, Deptford Market and charity shops, plus ASOS for essentials; my favourite piece is a ski jacket which is unwearable now but got me through so many festivals and free parties. I’d love to see more trans mascs or masc lesbians on Dazed, they need more coverage…or my partner/gyal ‘cause they are hella cute!”


My style is a mixture of 70’s rock n roll, freedom & rebellion. It’s a way of decorating myself to always feel the most authentic to who I am creatively. I look towards the icons of the 70’s music scene, covers of Rolling Stone and scenes from old movies. My ultimate style icon is probably Mick Jagger, but cowboys are fun too. My favourite item has to be my backless sequin top from my mum’s twenties. It's gotten me backstage a few too many times! I’d love to see Olivia Dean on the cover of Dazed wearing a Lenni The Label waistcoat and flares ensemble…I’d also love to photograph this.”


I don’t have a huge selection of pieces. I love getting creative with what I have. I always want to surprise people with what I’m wearing. It’s inspired by the Punk/DIY ethos. I take inspiration one piece at a time from everywhere. I see something cool and think about how I can do it my way. I try to avoid trends though. I love Jordan Mooney and my favourite vintage shop is New Wave Exchange. I’m obsessed with my leopard print Poison Ivy (The Cramps) inspired catsuit. My dream Dazed cover? Bob Vylan wearing archive Vivienne Westwood.”


“I love material experimentation, monochrome aesthetics, metallic detailing, and unconventional looks. My look is inspired by the Japanese Gyaru aesthetics mixed with a vintage Y2K vibe. My style icon? The character Nana from the manga series Ai Yazawa. I usually buy my clothes online and love to discover emerging designers on Instagram. I often visit multi-brand stores like Dover Street Market and SSENSE. My favourite item is my dress from Isabel Benenato. I’d love to see a reunion picture of the Antwerp Six on Dazed, where each of them wears clothes designed by another member.”


“To sum up my style in a phrase: queer androgynous rockstar. From every type of mullet to flares of all sizes and leather jackets, head-to-toe I am unapologetically myself. I look for inspiration nowhere and everywhere, I avoid looking at celebrities or apps; but Joan Jett, Sally Hershberger and Patti Smith are my top style icons. My favourite item is a Harley Davidson leather jacket from Brick Lane; finding that jacket was the best thing that happened to me. Who would I love to see on Dazed? Easy question – myself! Or someone that represents me as a dark-skinned South Asian androgynous lesbian.”


“My style is big pants and skirts and Yohji minimalism but mixed with streetwear (whatever that means. I really want to get into Decora when I’m not a broke Journalism student anymore. I look at old games like Jet Set Radio, Monkey Ball and Space Channel 5 for style inspiration or the streets of Harajuku. It sounds lame, but Instagram adverts are good for one thing only and that’s cool small designers: I just bought this dope pair of pants from Itsokaytocry and I’m checking every Ring notification to see if they arrive. Nobody has bigger pants than me.”


“My vibe is very yellow, kind of mentally unwell but also glamorous. I always dress with the intention of nurturing my inner child and try to be pretty uninhibited. I’m more concerned about telling a story with my outfit than having a functioning handbag; I have one that looks like a huge duck and love my yellow Lala Teletubbies shoes. I’m constantly skinted so charity shops and Vinted are my go-tos. I’d love to see Sevdaliza on the cover of Dazed wearing an oversized yellow vegan crocodile trench coat; her perspective as an Iranian woman is very important right now.”


“Upon my move to London, I was very much a “skinny jeans plus a pair of white Air Force 1s” type of girl. Luckily for me (and everyone around, for that matter), not anymore! At the moment, most of my looks are inspired by Balenciaga, Vetements or Asian designers. I wear alot of black, of course. Around 80 per cent of my wardrobe is second-hand designer; I sometimes treat myself to new designer pieces from boutiques but I never buy stuff on the high street. My dream Dazed cover…have you noticed how no one ever has put A$AP Rocky in some crazy Commes des Garcons?”


My style is a love letter to all the anarchists and changemakers that came before me – Jordan Mooney, Vivienne Westwood, Adam Ant – but ultimately a celebration of queerness and rebellion. I try to live by “Buy Less, Choose Well and Make it Last” - any new pieces I buy are nine out of ten times from Vivienne Westwood World’s End, which requires months of savings prior; my favourites are my World’s End kilts. I’d love to see Lana wearing Chopova Lowena on the cover of Dazed – they have that coquettish yet punk feel which I think sums up her attitude!”


I would say my style is influenced a lot by the Harajuku fashion scene in Tokyo since I have lived there in the past. It’s just fun, colourful, and youthful. I definitely look at Fruits Magazine & Tokyo Fashion’s Instagram account for fashion inspiration! My ultimate style icon would have to be Lady Gaga because she has given me the confidence to put myself out there. I mostly buy my clothes from charity shops or from Vinted; my favourite item in my wardrobe would have to be my orange check Vivienne Westwood trousers I got in a second-hand store in Tokyo for £70!”


I like to blend the casual aspects of streetwear with contrasting feminine features, blending my Queer identity with other styles that I have been influenced by over the years. I look to the streets for inspiration mostly; but my recent skirt-over-trouser looks were actually inspired by the early noughties Kids Choice Awards, no joke. I really like a lot of the stuff Luca Ferkso wears. My favourite item is my Kangol beret. I’d love to see a Dazed feature on East London Queer club goers, I love some of the outfits I see on a night out and a lot of the DIY approaches to nightlife fashion.”


My style is Bratz meets Hannah Montana meets Paris Hilton meets Raven Baxter. I mostly binge-watch movies and TV shows from the 90s and 2000s, which heavily influences my style; when I spot a killer outfit on screen I’m quick to screenshot it and add it to my Pinterest board, plus I love scrolling through old paparazzi pics of noughties icons. My favourite piece is my rare vintage ‘Black Aces’ Avirex jacket! I’d love to see Paris Hilton on Dazed in a retro-futuristic outfit to signify that she was one of the original influencers. I even made you a mood board for it.”


“My style is probably best described as relaxed, thoughtful and sometimes a little exuberant. I feel like I really dress as an expression of who I am as a person. My biggest fashion inspirations are Paul Binam, Nick Howard-Lanes, James Blake, and anything 70s/80s, but my ultimate style icon is Andre 3000 – can anyone compete? I buy a lot of vintage plus Arket, Uniqlo, The Kooples, Sandro and Percival. I’d love to see Lana on Dazed styled in whatever she chooses. My picture was just taken while en route to a blind date organised by The Guardian – wish me luck!”


“If cartoons had tailors? That’s my style. I get dressed thinking of a character every morning and then basically pop a blazer over it. I’ve always gravitated to colour and a bit of humour so my aim is essentially to look like Dennis the Menace causing a scene on Saville Row. I buy my clothes second-hand mostly or I find them in bins and free share Facebook groups: I promise you can find amazing stuff for free just sitting there waiting to be recycled. My favourite piece is a Sharkskin Versace suit that was an absolute bargain. I’d love to see Damon Albarn on Dazed wearing Iris Apfel’s clothes.


“I like to raid my mum’s closet and mix it with modern pieces from the likes of Paloma Wool. I'm a people-watcher, so I draw a lot of inspiration from the people around me and I like to interpret them in my own way. I know it's cheesy but it's true, my latest style icon is definitely Ibrahim Kamara, and his ability to pay homage to his heritage through storytelling and styling. I’d love to see Greentea Peng on the cover of Dazed. I love her style and I love that her music has such a feel-good vibe, almost spiritual.”


“I would describe my style as versatile. Whether I’m looking relaxed in oversized clothing or ready for the night in all leather, I’m feeling like my authentic self. As a fashion student, I find inspiration from catwalk images or WGSN. My ultimate style icon would be Lily-Rose Depp. I think her balance between edgy and feminine is perfect and what reflects my style the most. I buy my clothing from anywhere and everywhere. My favourite item in my wardrobe is my Jaded London khaki green corset top. It’s the perfect dupe to the vintage Dolce & Gabbana military one. I’d love to see Suki Waterhouse (or myself *wink*) on the cover of Dazed Magazine in full rockstar attire.”


My style is romantic, edgy, matchy-matchy and eclectic. I’m very inspired by 90s new queer cinema, particularly Gregg Araki’s films. I also take inspiration from the music I listen to: 90s emo, numetal, and dreampop. Referencing musicians and fans of music I like can make even a boring outfit feel more personal. Mana from Malice Mizer, is my style icon, he’s perfect. I love to steal and wear my sister’s Mowalola hat. Ecco2k in Simone Rocha would be amazing for the cover of Dazed!”


My style is whatever I want it to be that day, ever-changing, I just wear what matches my mood or where I’m going or what I’m doing. It’s the heart of my queer expression and how I give people a chance to know me before they know me. I get inspiration from Dalston High Street and the queer raves in Hackney Wick. My ultimate style icon will always be Grace Jones. Style isn’t just in the clothes but in the way a person carries themself and she seems to light the world around her on fire.”


“My style is Queer 90s emo meets toddler; primarily black graphic tees with really baggy bottoms. I look for style inspiration on social media and on the streets. I buy most of my wardrobe second-hand – DeWearingpop, Vinted, eBay, charity shops, car boots – I prefer the worn/distressed look. My favourite item in my wardrobe has to be my New Rock tank boots; I wear them every day with every outfit they’re just perfect (also they give me the needed extra height!)  I would love to see Lucas Wright on the cover of Dazed wearing Gucci. I just know he’d absolutely nail the high-fashion look.”


My style is definitely just being comfy. I love baggy clothes and colour so street-style is probably up there with what I'm into. As a sneaker enthusiast, I always say you can be wearing a plain tracksuit but if your kicks are sick then your fit is certi! My style inspiration definitely comes from Pinterest! It's the GOAT. I mainly get my clothes thrifted, plus ASOS and Urban Outfitters for certain garms, but if I know someone else has it then I don't want it, I like to stand out. My fav item in my wardrobe has got to be my purple pullover ski jacket, it's just so hard.”


I would describe my style as bubbly, colourful and comfortable. As a Graphic Design student who is obsessed with colours, I put my energy into the colour palette of each outfit and as a Chinese person, I also try to combine cultural clothing into my outfits. I love wearing colourful leg warmers and tights during the British winter, too! My style icon is Beabadoobee: her style is colourful with a sexy grunge side to it. I love buying on Depop and from the brand Free People for their lace clothes, which is perfect for layering and looking dainty. I also have a few pieces from the Japanese brand Beams, which offers well-made classic clothing.”


“My style is whatever my mood is saying that day yet it’s timeless, edgy and comfort is a must. My style icon is Juliet Charlotte – she wears great statement pieces. I’d love to see Veneda Carter on the cover of Dazed wearing the Yohji Yamamoto skull racer leather jacket, topless with her own brand gold jewellery (layered necklaces, gold rings and earrings) with her hair slicked back behind her ears into a wet look, 3/4 length cargo jorts with an embellished belt and Jimmy Choo X Timberland Nubuck boots.”


I’d describe my style as practical, comfortable, yet fun. I take a lot of inspiration from streetwear and sportswear for the functionality and comfort it gives me – I love my trainers. I work in retail, so the majority of new clothes I buy are from the shops that I work in. My favourite item in my wardrobe is a roomy, white overshirt which is in a kind of bomber jacket style despite its light and airy fabrication. It’s such a great additional layer to an outfit because it gives a very relaxed feel but it’s also, by nature, a very classic piece. I’d love to see the singer Tems in Swedish designer Emma Gudmundson on the cover of Dazed.”


“I like to dress as fun as possible, I used to be insecure and dysphoric and only wear big clothes, but then I realised looking like a queer knock-off Gerard Way is fun. I love looking at 1980s underground punk culture, and the runways of early McQueen, plus drag artists like Violet Chachki. My clothes are mainly from second-hand apps like Vinted and Depop or kilo sales. My favourite item is my long black trench coat, it’s PVC with a yellow tartan lining. I would love to see King Krule on the cover of Dazed, I think he has such a good presence and style, definitely a British icon with good red hair.”


I am a fashion and textiles designer therefore my main rule of my wardrobe is exploring patterns and colours. I am obsessed with Victorian and ‘60s fashion: complete opposites but I can’t help it. My style inspiration comes from old movies. At the moment my biggest source of inspiration is Federico Fellini’s movies. My ultimate style icons are Bianca Jagger and Cher in the ‘70s. I buy my clothes from vintage stores, markets, antique fairs, auctions and online platforms like eBay and Depop. I would love to see Zendaya on the next cover of Dazed wearing my own upcycled antique fabric label Erika Janavi.”


“I lean towards a dainty, soft palette look which can seem contradictory when I go out with mismatched patterns and vibrant pieces. I like to experiment with layers, as though I’m creating a character, and the details and accessories tend to accentuate the ideal I am presenting. My ultimate style icon is Marceline from Adventure Time. I buy my clothes at various resale shops and online using Depop and Vinted. My favourite wardrobe item has to be my pink Miu Miu ballet slippers. I’d love to see myself on the cover of Dazed, wearing nothing but a bikini and shaving cream. Alternatively, Sarah Snyder wearing one of my t-shirt designs (Artsniff).”


“I’d say my style is mostly loud colours and prints paired with basics to even out the look! I love really colourful, out-there pieces that make people stop & stare. My ultimate style icon is @londongirlinnyc she is super iconic! Every single outfit she wears is so unique yet cohesive, she truly understands the fundamentals of a good outfit. Most of my wardrobe is thrifted or secondhand and it’s been that way my whole life since I grew up with a low socioeconomic background. I would love to see Gabriette on the cover of Dazed wearing Valerium, an up-and-coming sustainable streetwear brand.”


“My style is a fusion of eclectic influences, blending vintage nostalgia with a contemporary and modern twist. My main style inspiration comes from Pinterest, Instagram and Tiktok; plus I’m an avid magazine reader (Dazed being one of my all-time faves). My ultimate style icon would have to be Mia Regan: her outfits push boundaries with their daring bright colour palettes and the harmonious blend of vintage edge and timeless elegance. My favourite item in my wardrobe would have to be my vast selection of vintage adidas jackets - I love their versatility of being able to dress them up for a night out, or dress them down for a day at school.”


I would say my style is synonymous with the British weather, changing randomly and quite often unprovoked. Right now I’d describe my style as either preppy streetwear or classical ethereal, but either way practicality and comfort are key. Most of my clothes are second hand so Vinted and charity shops are my go-to's but recently I’ve been eyeing up Paloma Wool and dreaming of buying the entire site. I would love to see Sadboi, a Toronto-based artist, on the cover of Dazed because she does pretty dynamic shoots – a cyberpunk or neo-futurism look is in my head.”


“My style takes inspiration from fifties men's fashion and combines it with some nineties and noughties influence. I like to keep it simple with plain white or black vests with my favourite pair of jeans or trousers and some chunky platform shoes or boots. I take inspiration from the Queer spaces around me and I like to thrift most of my clothes. Growing up, I loved 50s men’s icons like James Dean. I buy my clothes from thrift and vintage shops mainly, plus Weekday, Vinted, Fred Perry, Doc Martens and The Great Frog. I’d love to see Elliot Page in a grungy suit or leather waistcoat on the cover of Dazed.”


“My biggest fashion inspirations are the noughties, Noah Beck, Manu Rios, Casey Cawallader, Tom Ford and GCDS, with a luxurious hint of fast fashion turned into high-end. Basically, Calvin Klein meets council estate.”


I like my clothes to toe the line between masculine and feminine. Often curvy women are placed into an ultra-feminine box and boxy clothes are seen as unflattering but I am trying to go beyond that and wear what makes me feel fucking cool even if it’s not the most flattering fit. I am loving my jorts now that it’s summer; I do love a wee summer dress too. I would love to see plus-size models (men and women) wearing clothes on the cover of Dazed that push them out of their comfort zone, yet help them feel empowered and cool. Fashion in general needs more of this.”


“Shoes are the key to an outfit, as long as you have a good pair of shoes the rest doesn’t matter too much, so I’ve invested in a lot of loafers/derbies. I love to wear my Margiela loafers with an outfit that’s fully from a charity shop and costs less than £10 up top. Most of my style inspiration over the past two years has come through TikTok; I also follow several boutiques and small vintage archive shops. A$AP Nast never misses, but I also love a lot of the outfits people like Anders Gran put together - so many well-styled people in the Nordics. I’d love to see Rosalía in full Acne Studios on Dazed…or my mum… again in full Acne!”


“I think my style is very nineties and noughties. I think it’s very Elle Woods mixed with Latina office chick! I get a lot of inspiration from the TV show Rubi and the main titular character, as well as my mother who had a very similar style. The Spanish singer Badgyal is my style icon! She dresses like a Goddess. I usually buy my clothes from charity shops as well as Depop and Vinted; my favourite piece of clothing is this pair of trousers that has diamanté butterflies embroidered on them.”

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