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TRÈS GAULTIER CAMPAIGN with Tokischa and Amelia Gray
Courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier

Tokischa won’t let anyone touch her Jean Paul Gaultier

As the Dominican musician takes a starring role in the new TRÈS GAULTIER campaign alongside Amelia Gray, she talks finding freedom in fashion, her first big buys, and her nieces’ grabby little hands

The careers of Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna are practically synonymous at this point: ask anyone with even passing interest in fashion what they think of when the industry’s OG enfant terrible gets name-dropped and it’s more than likely his iconic Blond Ambition cone bra will crop up again and again. 

Since Gaultier himself retired from his eponymous label in 2021 and handed the keys to the house over to creative force Florence Tétier, the cones have cropped up in countless guest collections. With Tétier enlisting the likes of Simone Rocha, KNWLS, Ottolinger, and Haider Ackermann to reinterpret the Jean Paul Gaultier codes across the course of the last few years, the conical silhouette – and more broadly, the subversive silhouettes of the early 90s – have been revisited time and time again. 

Now, as part of just-dropped collection TRÈS GAULTIER, Tétier dives into the archives, pulls out some of the most iconic pieces, and brings them bang into 2024. There’s trompe l'oeil tailoring and shirts, plus a massive statement trench that comes printed with the tit-bearing suspenders that caused a big stir the first time around, crisp denim given the corsetry treatment, plus dramatic satin cocktail gowns with back-flashing lace-up ribbons and diaphanous tie-cardi and slip skirt sets printed with some of the house’s most recognisable prints – from rich flowers to fresh 100 dollar bills. 

“This collection does not reproduce the iconic Gaultier pieces, but rather offers modern interpretations of the Maison’s archetypes,” says Tétier. “With TRÈS GAULTIER, I wanted to question our basics and adapt them  to the social and aesthetic mutations that have taken place since their creation.”

As with any Gaultier collection, the biggest magic happens when the clothes are worn and their attitude and spirit help bring them to life. Would Gaultier’s cone bra have gone down in such legendary fashion were Madonna not to have strapped it around her body? Who knows. This time around, with a little help from Torso Solutions, the offering finds its muses in rising runway star Amelia Gray, and Dominican musician Tokischa, who step in front of the camera to become the stars of the accompanying campaign. 

With Tokishca known for her brazen, no-holds-barred approach to rap, and her past link-up with Madonna, there could surely be no one better to pick up the baton to become a contemporary JPG icon. As the campaign and collection gets its release, she talks early fashion memories, her holy grail pieces, and why she won’t let her nieces touch her Gaultier. 

How did you get into fashion, was there a specific moment? 

Tokischa: I’ve always been interested in fashion since I was a kid. I would say that it started at a very young age. I’ve always lived in the Dominican Republic, but my mom lived in New York  and she always sent me issues of Vogue. I’d say that’s where the magic began.

What was the first high fashion piece you bought? 

Tokischa: The first time I bought a high fashion brand was when Rosalía and I did the “Combi Versace” song. I remember going to Versace and buying some clothes because I wanted to experience what it felt like and be able to embrace the song fully.

Tell me about the first time you came across JPG, what was your immediate reaction? 

Tokischa: The first time I encountered Jean Paul Gaultier was in February 2023, when my stylist, Caitlyn Martinez, assembled an outfit – that I wore with a moustache – from their runway collection for the Premios Lo Nuestro award show. I was genuinely astonished at how that look turned out so iconic. 

“I have a [JPG] teddy bear that was gifted to me on the day of the shoot. He’s in my room. My nieces tried to take it from me, and I told them: “You can’t have it, baby, because it’s JPG!” – Tokischa

Do you own much Gaultier? What was your first piece? 

Tokischa: I own a couple of tops and shoes. The first one was a see-through black top with rhinestones – that look went viral because it showed my titties during a live show. But my favourite is a two-piece sailor set that has a lovely flower on the top and skirt. I also have a teddy bear that was gifted to me on the day of the shoot. He’s in my room. My nieces tried to take it from me, and I told them: “You can’t have it, baby, because it’s JPG!”

Is there a piece you really want to get your hands on? 

Tokischa: I really want to get my hands on the SS97 bridal look with the dramatic veil. I’m obsessed!

Such an iconic look! Do you have a favourite collection? 

Tokischa: It’s so hard to say, because every collection has its own vibe and essence. 

What creative values do you share with Gaultier? 

Tokischa: Freedom. 

What was the vibe like shooting the new campaign? Any fun stories or anecdotes?

Tokischa: I busted my ass on the set! I actually asked production to send me that video – I want to see it! 

Say you were starring in a Gaultier runway show. What track would you want to walk out to? 

Tokischa: “Estilazo” by me!

What was your reaction when you saw the final campaign?

Tokischa: Gagged!

Head here to shop the collection.

Creative Direction Florence Tétier @florencetetier, Directors TORSO, Styling Georgia Pendlebury @georgia.pendlebury, Casting Julia Lange @julialangecasting, Hair Charlie Le Mindu @charlielemindu, Make-up Lucy Bridge @lucybridge, Nails  Lili Creuk @lilicreuk, Movement Director Malik Le Nost @malikee, Set Design Till Duca @tillduca, Sound Design Chicken @chickenmuch, Production Division, Post Production Nightshift @nightshiftcompany

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