What is the Mediterranean Interior Design Style?

The Mediterranean style refers to slightly the interior furnishing or décor design that is utilized in Italy, Greece and Spain. The region is popular for producing vibrant flowers, turquoise waters and exciting sunlit days. This design evokes the feeling of romance, pleasing and colorful that brings a sense of friendly and relaxing lifestyle.

Main Characteristics

A Mediterranean home is the dream space for people who love living in elegant, simple and well-designed spaces.

Greek Style

This design initially features white constructed wood floors and stucco walls with a décor or iron-patio furniture and a cobalt blue accent. The Greek style augurs very well with all the modern design decors. The white wash walls, the modern furniture and the cobalt blue accent are the major characteristics of this style.

The Italian Style

This style is similar to the Tuscan designing style, it is casual, carefree and has interesting textures and colors in its landscape. Also, it utilizes earth tone colors like yellow, orange, deep red and rustic stone or dark wood colors. The main elements in this style are use of earthly color tones and regional style furniture. For example, Mediterranean Italian bedrooms are made of hardwood floors and dark textured walls.

Spanish Style

The Spanish interior design uses exciting and fantastic colors like cobalt blue, dark red and yellow colors. Also, it utilizes Moroccan furniture and mosaic murals with mirror flames and other accessories such as pottery, lamps and flower vases. Lastly, the walls in this style are painted using blue or deep-purple colors and have terra-cotta tiled floors.


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